Can we talk about the “Petty” thing for a moment?

It seems right now that pettiness is at an all time high. Everyone seems to be out to show how petty they can be. Petty memes are everywhere and admittedly, petty things can be funny. But ultimately being petty is a sign of insecurity. Don’t get me wrong, we all have moments when we want to be petty, because we all feel insecure at one time or another, I am not excluded. But pettiness really isn’t necessary. When I think about the times I wanted to be petty the people I wanted to direct my pettiness to were already in positions where they were unhappy anyway. So why add to their unhappiness? What did I have to gain? 

Ask yourself whenever you feel the urge to be petty, how will this help me? Help others? If the answer is it won’t help anyone but only give you a momentary high of pleasure, it’s best to let it go. Usually when you do feel like being petty, you probably already “won” in the situation and your pettiness is just to rub it in. Plus being petty to people who “don’t matter” to you means that they actually do matter to you enough to give them your attention. 

Trust me, I get it, sometimes you just want to rub it in someone’s face. I know, I understand, I have been there. But like I said, there is nothing to gain from being petty. It’s like revenge. Sure sometimes we really want revenge but when it is all said and done, revenge isn’t really sweet as we think it will be. And of course living well will always be the best revenge. Same thing with being petty, if you are living well the person who you really want to stick it to, they know. And trust me, the fact that they can’t get a rise out of you is much more painful to them than you being petty. 


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