#RandomThoughts With Kai – August 17, 2019

Back again with my random thoughts!

Fighting on the internet with people actually does help me sell more books. The problem is, I hate fighting with stupid people. It’s a waste of my intellect.

It’s weird that controversy actually does sell though…

Watch “They Ready” on Netflix. It’s funny. Especially Flame Monroe.

Oh and watch “Pose” on FX. It’s good.

The culture of saying or doing something stupid on social media to go “viral” is tired. You wont be famous. You wont make money. Just stop.

Attorneys who lie in court for their clients are trash.

“Nova Scotia Southern Baptist Shark University” 😂😂😂😂

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who complain the most on social media get the most long term attention. Squeaky wheel theory.

My life is dope.

Sitting on this pool deck in this hot sun feels amazing…

People underestimate me often. I’m ok with that because it works in my favor.

My dad’s birthday is tomorrow. As hard as our relationship was I still miss him.

That chick allegedly teaching women how to get married still hasn’t had a date. Smh.

Meanwhile my homegirl is engaged… Congratulations! (You know who you are 😂) #DateLikeAWoman🙌🏾

Having a partner who matches you is THE BEST.

My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow… 😫

I am going indoor skydiving today!!

Oh go check out my #DateLikeAWoman interview with comedian Barry Brewer!!

Until next time…


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