Men, You are not entitled to Me, or any other Woman.

This past weekend I went to a reggae party. I am aware that at reggae parties men are more likely not to ask you to dance but instead just start dancing with you. However, last weekend, multiple men grabbed/touched/groped me without my permission. It reached a level of being ridiculous. Each new grab/touch/grope was met […]

“Single Mother” is not an Insult

Recently on twitter I engaged in a couple of discussions in which two people called me a “single mother” as an insult. I know that women with children who are not married are often shamed for being a *gasp* a “single mother!” I always thought this was silly and a holdover from earlier decades when […]

Girl-Friends Make the World Great!

Women need women friendships. It’s important. Women support one another in ways that male friendships do not. The problem, our sexist society teaches girls and women to compete with one another, not support one another. Why? Because women united together are powerful. You ever notice how often girls are taught not to like another girl? […]