I’m giving up social media, for good…

I’ve gotten to the point where I really don’t like anything about it. I have always been an introvert and while social media has been a way for me to interact with others without “really” interacting it’s become far too invasive for me. From the locations to the tags to the curiosity to find out every detail of my life it’s become overwhelming for me personally. It has also become a tool that the major social media sites use to control information and behavior and I don’t like it. 

I’ve watched the algorithms change from showing me every post of every person I connected with to now showing me what gets the most reactions. There are people who I follow and enjoy that I no longer see their posts because the algorithm has deemed them not “popular” enough to show me. Now the only posts I see are outrageous because of racism/sexism/hate/shooting/etc or outrageous because it’s just stupid. I am tired of feeling outraged every time I log on. And now that “likes” are a reward system for useless information you have people posting outrageous/stupid things simply for the attention the reward system brings. And well, I’m tired of the stupidity.

I can’t do it anymore. So I’m leaving. I’m going to live my life offline. I’ll keep sharing and blogging for my websites (FlyMommy.net & DateLikeAWoman.com) so you’ll still be able to keep up with my life (if you follow my blog pages!!) but no more personal social media for me. I’m officially over it.

Facebook is the first to get cut. I will find some way to continue my “Happy Women” group because that’s the best thing that I have ever gotten out of Facebook. Having a woman centered space of positivity has been beautiful. However, I think 10 years on Facebook is more than enough for me. Next will be Instagram, I never liked it anyway. And my hardest to leave is definitely Twitter. That may take me longer than the rest to leave but eventually it’s going too. 

I’ve been contemplating this for months now but seeing how each platform has changed to manipulate and control instead of connect and support I know it’s time. 

So going forward if you want to reach me personally, find me on my websites!! (Or text me if you have the number!!)

I will keep sharing and I will always reply so I am not gone, I just moved!


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