“The People United Will Never Be Defeated”

If you know me well you know I hate talking about politics. Despite that, I am very actively involved in the political process and have been since I was 18 years old. I vote in every election, not just the big ones, because that is my right. I also vote because I don’t want someone in any office who doesn’t represent my interests. There have been times that I voted for a candidate who didn’t win and of course I was disappointed.  I understand that I will not always be part of the majority, but that’s life.

However, this idiot in office does not represent the majority. He was not voted in by the majority. The majority in this Country did NOT vote for him. We do not want him in power. Why? Because he is destroying us. He does not represent American values. He does not care about this Country. He only cares about filling his pockets and the pockets of his friends all while destroying everything Americans have been working towards, a country which cares about its people. 

We The People can not let the idiot destroy everything Americans have worked so hard to build, a nation of inclusiveness, ecological awareness, a nation of diverse people who work together to make the world better. We The People MUST take a stand. We must show the world that the idiot does not represent US. He is NOT OUR PRESIDENT.

Call your representatives, join the protests, fight voter suppression/gerrymandering, donate, get involved. This is not a time to turn a blind eye to politics. The WORLD depends on all of us taking a stand against this destruction of our Nation. We do not live in a dictatorship, we live in a DEMOCRACY. You have a voice, use it, FIGHT! 

WE THE PEOPLE can get rid of this monster if WE THE PEOPLE work together!


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