Yoga. It’s a Love/Hate Relationship.

I love yoga. I do. I feel so good when I practice 2-4 times a week. However, yoga is tough. I love it but sometimes… not so much.

First off, I struggle going to class. I just got back from vacation and I haven’t been to yoga in over a week. Plus I am not the biggest morning person but I prefer going to yoga in the morning (go figure). I lay in bed in the morning debating in my head if I should go. I mean I can always go the next day, right??  I totally struggle motivating myself to get out of the bed to go to class. The funny thing is, as hard as it is to motivate myself out of bed, I always feel happy when I first sit down on my mat. 

Although I am happy that I made it to my mat, once there I can’t get my mind to stop racing about all the things I need to do for the day. You know that “coming to your mat” part. My mind is thinking about the errands I need to run, that email I need to send, laundry that needs to be folded. And don’t get me started on the people who are late to yoga class! I always get irritated and thrown off when the class is all quiet and all of a sudden someone walks in 10 minutes late. Yes, I understand people want to get their practice, even I have been late before, but it still throws me off.

Ok so I make it to class, finally focus in, I feel like I am in the zone and then suddenly somewhere in the middle (usually while in plank pose for the 4th time) I start questioning my decision to go to class.  My body is starts getting exhausted from the flow of the poses and I seriously consider saying “forget it” and hitting child’s pose. But the stubborn person in me who doesn’t want to give up pushes through (sometimes, I hit the child’s pose). When I am struggling through, I look at the clock every 2 minutes (really every minute) to see how much time we have left. The struggle is real. 

When we make it through all the flows and we finally lay down for our floor poses I get happy all over again. It’s because I know it is almost the end (and because I know I will be able to get my Tiger Tea soon!). 

Finally Savasana. I love Savasana. I made it through class, my body feels good, I’m focused. Yoga is so worth the struggle! I love it! (And hate it…) 

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