What’s my fitness routine??

I was recently asked what is my fitness routine. Honestly I don’t really think about fitness as much as people probably think I do. But since someone asked, here goes!

1. I eat well. By “eat well” I mean I eat what I want but I eat healthy food more often than unhealthy food. I always have. When I was a kid I was teased because I had a lot of raw vegetables and fruits in my lunch. Not much has changed in my diet. I have always eaten more plant based than most people. Often when I see people posting salads because they are “dieting” I think to myself “that’s my regular diet. Lol!” This doesn’t mean I am a vegetarian, I am not. I love food far too much. If you are a true foodie like me you are never going to pass up something delicious. I love eating all types of food, meat included. But when it comes down to it, I eat way more of the good stuff than the bad stuff. I also do not eat processed foods. In my household we cook fresh meals pretty much daily. I also never deny myself what I want. If I have a taste for something I eat it, even if it’s junk food. I find that satisfying my cravings makes me eat less of the not so healthy stuff. There are also ways to create healthier versions of the not so healthy stuff so I do that too.

My homemade shrimp scampi

2. I eat frequently. I have to eat three meals minimum per day. I also eat snacks which are usually fresh fruit or nuts. My breakfast is usually my lightest meal and usually consists of some sort of toasted bread and fruit. I will sometimes go all out on weekends and make a big breakfast/brunch but I consider that special. My largest meals are either lunch or dinner depending on how I feel. I also don’t eat dessert everyday. When I do it’s usually something homemade like brownies, my cheesecake or it’s just plain ole dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate!

Beach Yoga!

3. I practice yoga. I hate sweating so any exercise that requires me to break a sweat is not for me. (Seriously I hate sweating…) I love yoga because it offers me not only the physical fitness aspect but also the meditation which helps me with alleviate stress and control my anxiety. I also found that yoga helps me with pain management. I have endometriosis and yoga has been a big help in my recovery.


4. I walk. I actually enjoy walking and it helps that my partner likes walking too. We take walks on the beach and in the city pretty often. I find walking to be one of the best exercises that doesn’t make me feel like I am exercising. Walking also allows me to be able to explore and see more of the world around me. Walking is also a way to disconnect from the internet and enjoy being in the present. I find walking is fun and entertaining all around so I really enjoy it.

And that’s pretty much it! I never thought about sharing my fitness routine because I don’t really do much. Just eat well and regularly exercise! Not bad for someone who is 42 years old huh? 😉


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