So let me tell you about this weird stuff that just went down…

Ok I am not going to say I attract weird stuff around me. I refuse to take that on. However, if something weird goes down there’s a good chance I may be nearby. Just saying…

So many of you may know I am currently in Barbados on vacation. Anyway this morning I decided I was going to go down to the beach for a while before getting dressed later on and heading into town. While I am out swimming I notice an older Barbadian man up on the rocks fishing. I can see him holding a line out into the ocean. No big deal just something I noticed. 

After swimming for a bit I go back to my beach lounger and lay out. I see the older guy, grey beard and all, climbing down the rocks over to the beach where I am tanning. Still no big deal. He’s carrying a small fish, a bowl, and a knife.  I figure since he was just fishing up on the rocks that now he’s just changing locations. But then things got “weird.”

He put down the fish and the bowl and then goes to where the waves are coming up just over his feet. He takes his knife and sticks it in the sand. Mind you I am thinking maybe that’s how he keeps his knife while he’s fishing. But still I haven’t seen anyone do this before so now he has my attention. 

After sticking his knife in the sand he just stands there looking at the sand intensely. Now I am looking at the sand too because I am trying to figure out what the hell he is looking at. I am not the only one either, other people on the beach and in the water are now paying attention to this guy too.

Suddenly when a wave goes out he dashes up and grabs… a huge handful of sand. Now I am like “wth???” He looks at the sand and just drops it. Now still I am trying to figure out what’s going on. Is this some old school fishing technique I hadn’t seen before? 

Again he stares at the sand, the waves go out, he dashes out and grabs handfuls of sand. Only this time now he turns around and starts throwing the sand at the ground. 

Mind you he repeats this several times. Staring at the sand intensely and then dashing out and grabbing sand, sifting it or throwing it at the ground. I would have recorded this but I like to take breaks from my phone so of course when this happens I can’t record it. Anyway he goes on like this for about 15 minutes. And I am seriously baffled. I mean I got nothing, not a clue as to what he is doing. 

After 15 minutes he really starts looking frustrated with his activity and goes and pulls his knife out of the sand. He picks up his fish and bowl and walks over to another area of the beach and stick his knife in the sand again. Now at this point I am starting think this dude may just be a bit off, but his activity has me so baffled I really can’t let go of my curiosity. 

Anyway again he starts with his staring, dashing into the water, grabbing sand and throwing it. Again I watch. After about 5 minutes this time he dashes in the water grabs some sand throws it and suddenly I see something running across the sand which he immediately chases and grabs. He then dropped it in the bowl. 

It was a tiny little crab. LOL!

He was hunting crabs y’all. These tiny damn near impossible to see crabs. He totally made my day. I couldn’t have found better entertainment and I just wanted to quickly share that with you.



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