Santa Cruz!!

I chaperoned the Little Flower’s 5th grade trip to Santa Cruz today. I had a ball!! My baby even rode a roller coaster with me. However, we are going to have to work on her roller coaster technique, as you can see… 😂

The weather was great. The kids were great. It was awesome. I am enjoying watching my Little Flower grow up. It’s hard to believe this is her very last week of elementary school. This parenthood thing is definitely going by too fast! I swear it feels like she was an infant yesterday.

One more thing I must point out about my day, I really enjoy no longer being on social media. My engagement in the world around me has increased since I logged off. It takes leaving social media to realize how much of a time drain it is. People are literally missing out on the world around them JUST to be “online.” The world is so much more than what’s online. So I hope you all take some time offline to enjoy it. Trust me it’s worth it!

Anyway here’s a few more photos for you to enjoy!

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