#RandomThoughts With Kai – July 16, 2019

Since I don’t post my random thoughts on my social media accounts anymore I realized I no longer had an outlet for my pure randomness. So I decided to blog my random thoughts. Don’t expect a lot of cohesiveness here. This is purely the random stuff that pops into my head!

Anyway, on to the random thoughts…

-When did Al B. Sure do a Spanish Night and Day? Who knew about this?

-Dear #RacistinChief, We ain’t leaving.

-People like my blogs, that’s cool. (Thanks y’all!)

-I dropped my phone yesterday and cracked the screen. I didn’t freak out because I have insurance. It’s getting fixed tomorrow.

-A lot of people have no place giving dating advice.

-Speaking of that, the one woman who teaches “femininity” to get a husband is still single. (That was shade, I know…)

-I REALLY don’t miss social media. That age face app is scary. Are y’all really entertained by this?

-Why do people like my videos so much because I hate being on video…

-And speaking of videos why are there other people’s haters commenting on my video?

-My LinkedIn is popping right now.

-People won’t believe in you until you believe in yourself.

-My brain is tired. But good things are happening!


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