I’ve gone through many changes over the past few years. My newest change is giving up social media. I can’t lie, I like this peace I’ve found since letting go. I feel happier and more tuned in to my own life and goals. On the flip side I also know people are still curious about what I’ve been up to because my blogs continue to get traffic. (That’s cool by the way! Thanks for the love!) So I am trying to make sure I blog more frequently and share a little bit more about my world.

So what’s happening in my world? Well I’m always busy with my Little Flower. I’m happy it’s summer time and I can get a little break from her hectic schedule. My child will officially be a preteen in less than a month.  I have no idea what this preteen/middle school time is going to bring but I’m looking forward to this next phase of parenthood.

What else is going on? Well I’m “boo’d up.” Lol! Actually I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now. I spend a lot of time with my partner, actually most of my time. We have a lot of fun together. The time we spend together makes it even easier to give up social media because we keep each other quite busy and entertained.

He and I are super compatible which makes life wonderful. For example we are both cinephiles, which is awesome. We watched TMC’s Essentials with Ava Duvrenay last week. It was dope. Our Netflix picks for this week are “The Black Godfather” and “Catching Feelings.” You should definitely watch both. “The Black Godfather” is about Clarence Avant. If you don’t know who he is you should. And Catching Feelings is a great comedy/social commentary from South Africa.

We also love food. We both cook so we are constantly hooking it up with the meals. I never knew cooking with someone could be so much fun.

So besides being all happy in my relationship bubble I have also been busy working on my next book. This one will be about relationships. I have had several people asking me to write a book about relationships. Well it’s coming! But please keep in mind that it took me 3 years to write the last one, so don’t expect it for sale next week. Lol!

On another note the few times I have logged on to my accounts to share my blog posts I can see the world is still trash. It’s sad that folks are so caught up in such stupidity. I also see people doing the same stuff they’ve been doing for years.

I don’t know how people can enjoy being stagnant in their lives. I like pushing myself to grow. I know growth is challenging but it’s healthy. I feel like if I am doing the same stuff I was doing a decade ago, I’m stuck. I hate being stuck. It’s not a good feeling. I want to always grow and learn. If my world isn’t steadily improving that means I need to work on something.

I guess that’s probably one of the reasons why I decided to leave social media. You can’t do much with your real life if you are constantly tending to your online “life.” Plus social media is no longer what it used to be. It’s a tool of control now. A tool to shape your thinking, modify your behavior, exploit your outrage, and sell you junk. You no longer can control what you see online, those companies control what you see, remember that.

Anyway I won’t stop blogging. So just come over and check on me from time to time. Oh and don’t forget to leave me a comment!


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