Happy Birthday Little Flower!!

The Little Flower is ELEVEN!!

It’s hard to believe this wonderful person came into my life eleven years ago. She’s been a joy every single day and I love being her mommy.

Yesterday we had a small party to celebrate. She actually requested that I make my cheesecake for her birthday party. I was a bit surprised but I put my cake decorating skills to the test and I must admit I was very proud of my finished cake.

I should have taken pictures of the rest of the food too because my man hooked it up! Ribs, chicken, bacon wrapped corn, & mac n cheese! We also had old school punch. It was a classic old school birthday party with a homemade cake and it was a HIT!

The kids had a ball. They played like kids too. We broke out some some board games. Even the adults got in on the fun. It turns out that some old school things still work even in this super digital world.

I must admit I am happy that the Little Flower and her friends had such a good time. It proves to me that the simple things are still the best. I will definitely remember this party and I hope she will too!


P.S. Check out the new ear piercings!

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